While the exact origins of the game of golf are not clear, it is probable that people have been betting on golf since the game began. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, punters in New Zealand can now do so very conveniently. There are now thousands of people all over the world who enjoy betting on the outcome of a match. The world’s best professional players take part in tournaments throughout the year, and punters in New Zealand can follow the games, and place bets on them, no matter where in the world they are being played.

Most online betting sites in New Zealand will offer punters the chance to enjoy golf betting. People can access the world famous international tournaments that the world watches, and place bets on the winner or loser, but you can also find the less well known tournaments on all the good betting sites too. The key to finding a good golf betting site is to find out which will allow you to place bets on these lesser tournaments as well. There are women’s events, pro-am games and the second tier tournaments that take place all year round all over the world. You do not want to use an online site that only follows the Masters and other major tournaments, as this will limit your golf betting in a big way.

The Four Majors

The four main golf tournaments of the year are the Masters Tournament which takes place in April each year, the US Open held in June, the Open Championship which takes place in July, and the PGA Championship, which is held in August every year. These are huge tournaments, which offer a wealth of golf betting opportunities. These days anyone in any country can enjoy them while watching the television coverage at home, and placing a couple of wagers on your laptop or even a mobile device.

Betting on Players can be Profitable

By doing a little homework, and getting to know the players and the golf courses, betting can be very profitable. There are many different bets that can be placed on a golf tournament. The most popular and easiest bet in golf betting is of course the tournament winner bet. This can be profitable, whether it is a major tournament or not. Odds can change during the game, but a bet placed on the right player, at the right time, can be immensely lucrative. This bet works particularly well when a golfer is successful over a long period, like Tiger Woods had a few years ago. These days there is not one particular player, but several, who stand good chances of winning any of the big tournaments.

When betting on two star players, a thorough knowledge is needed of each one’s history and the course they are competing on. In golf betting, you can bet on which of the players will enjoy a higher world standing at the end of the tournament. Young players joining the ranks of the well known professionals, and the increase in access to the best golf courses, is raising the popularity of golf betting at NZ betting sites. One wrong move in an otherwise faultless game can change the outcome of any match dramatically, so this continuous sense of anticipation helps to keep the game exciting, for spectators as well as golf bettors.