Mobile scratchies are as simple to play as the real life scratch cards. Using any of the leading mobile devices you will use the touch screen capability to rub a little over the cards to reveal the hidden symbols. There are a wide variety of Mobile scratchies available to play online and unlike the real life counterpart they come with incredibly interesting themes, instant wins and a variety of different sizes.

There are the more traditional types of scratch cards where three matching symbols need to appear anywhere on the card to produce a win and others that may be more particular about the match. They may require three symbols to be matched consecutively in a row. Some of the jackpots for the various online scratch cards have a maximum guaranteed amount and others may be affected by the amount of cards sold and what their cost is.

How to Play Scratch Cards

Once the specific scratch card game and the denomination that will be played is chosen the game will be ready to begin. Touching the new card feature will bring a new scratch card to the screen. Two options are available to play. Either the player can use the mobile’s scratch function to reveal the hidden symbols or the results can be revealed instantly for a faster paced option. If any cards produce a win, the winning amount will be paid into the player’s online account immediately.

Playing Scratch Card Games on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the way forward and have become the favourite choice of platform to use for any sort of online activity, especially playing the Mobile scratchies. There are absolutely no limitations to playing as mobile internet connectivity covers large areas which allows players to play and possibly win no matter where they are. Not all mobile devices have the strong capabilities that the leading smartphones have to enable Mobile scratchies applications but those that do are the most popular devices worldwide.  These devices that act as mini versions of computers have their own operating systems to that allow high security and brilliant interactive scratch card games.

The Leading Platforms for Mobile Scratchies

Android is one of the leading operating systems that is an open source operating system which allows software developers to create diverse and affordable software. Most Mobile scratchies software and applications are made compatible with Android. iPhones are probably the most popular smartphones in the world. The sleek innovative touch screen allows players an immersive experience as software developers have created applications that mimic real life physical scratch cards.

Android tablets and iPads offer the perfect mix between smartphones and desktop computers. They offer the same capabilities that the smartphones do but take it a step further. The larger touch screen allows for better graphics and sound effects.

Even though they run on the same operating systems and many compatible downloadable scratch card applications can be found, tablets and iPads allow players easier on the go access to play Mobile scratchies directly in the web browser. The larger memory systems that tablets and iPads offer are an additional advantage to using them for accessing the scratch cards online.