The beautiful game of football is arguably the most popular game in the world.

With thousands of betting markets and betting options around the globe, the best football betting tips in New Zealand are on offer here through an analysis of New Zealand’s betting culture and relaxed wagering lifestyle.

Today’s modern age has set a precedent for all sports betting and wagering activities.

Powerful technology is available at the fraction of a cost with some mobile devices boasting better specs than average laptops.

The most useful football betting tips can be difficult to discern between with the multitude of options and advisory columns available.

Keeping a simple strategy coupled with a formula for selecting and retrieving the best odds remains one of the best football betting tips.

Monopoly of Sports

New Zealand is one of the few countries that have taken ownership of all forms of land based sports betting. The government established the New Zealand Racing Board, which in turn established TAB.

TAB controls all forms of land based betting in New Zealand, offering punters an assortment of fixed odds and pari-mutuels on a selection of New Zealand sporting markets.

With dedicated outlets around the country, a phone line, television programs and informative websites, football betting tips offered by TAB are more region specific and do not cover the entirety of the globe.

Online Sports Wagering

With few football markets, TAB promotes a patriotic passion for New Zealand’s sporting heroes but only allows for wagers on a national scale.

This can become dull and uninteresting over time. Punters from New Zealand will be delighted to know that all offshore sports books are completely legal and can be opted for from a various array of devices.

Nearly all-reliable sports books accept players from New Zealand and even provide the NZ dollar as preferred currency.

With thousands of betting options on professional leagues and tournaments featuring global favourites including but not limited to Bundesliga, the Premier League, European championships and English championships, narrowing down a set of football betting tips for punters in New Zealand would be nearly impossible.

Exhilarating Variety

Sticking to a strategy and formula for retrieving odds and bet types, coupled with a diverse experimentation within football leagues is always a crowd pleaser.

Since its inception, football has been a major hit. With the sheer variety of games and tournaments played around the globe there are numerous types of wagering strategies and football betting tips to choose from.

Popular Football Bets

Football encompasses a vast variety of wagering types at mobile betting sites in NZ, with the most popular being the outright winner of the match.

By diversifying your betting range certain football betting tips can prove lucrative. Other thrilling types of bets include the side to score the most goals, leading goal scorer of the match, fantasy games and betting, the total number of red or yellow cards awarded in the match and even how many goals the lonesome keeper can keep out.

These are only football betting tips, to really grasp a feel for football betting in New Zealand punters can place mock or real bets on games in play.

Practicing strategy and consistency of your evaluations can prove a useful tool for football betting. Developing a skill that has the potential to provide lucrative winnings that are tax-free in New Zealand.