CS: GO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer video game developed by Hidden Path and the Valve Corporation.

First and foremost a first person shooter CS: GO was developed for X Box 360, PlayStation 3 and windows in 2012, only later optimized for Linux systems in 2014.

CS: GO is a high octane, action packed and storm shooting classic video game loved by millions globally. Supporting a central theme of good versus evil, CS: GO places players in two key positions of the terrorists and counter terrorism unit.

The objective of the game is to eliminate the opposing side by blasting through the other team under a barrage of gunfire.

The games success has carved its mark, with the most common form of eSports wagering being CS: GO betting.

The E-Sports Revolution

The new kid on the block, eSports still has a long way to go in developing a platform that is synonymous with all bookmakers.

For such a new phenomenon with gaming recognized as an official sport now, CS: GO betting and all other forms of eSports wagering are becoming a global rage, recognized on a vast array of reputable sports books.

CS: GO betting focuses and relies on a team to pull together as one solid unit in order to accomplish objectives. One weak link could cause major upsets and defeats in the gripping last moments of the match.

Played in multiplayer and heavily reliant on communication from the team, a leader at the pinnacle of professional gaming leads the team into battle opening the door for CS:GO betting.

Find CS: GO betting 

Nearly all-reputable sports books recognize CS: GO betting. Listed on numerous sports books locating CS: GO betting is easy and convenient.

With a new discipline such as CS: GO betting locating leagues and tournaments can prove challenging as the wagering option still needs to evolve and grow a larger audience to attract more attention.

CS: GO betting has already captured a substantial market share and has sparked interest from millions around the world.

Various leagues and tournaments in New Zealand and around the world have been established allowing for a calendar year of CS: GO betting entertainment.

Functioning nearly identically to any sporting event, CS: GO betting allows punters to place wagers on a variety of outcomes. These include outright winners, teams with the mist kills and even the player with the most shots fired in the match.

Keeping It Simple

There is no doubt that CS: GO betting will take some time to wrap your head around. With this in mind sports books offering CS: GO betting to punters from New Zealand and around the world keep the formula simple.

Odds structures and payouts remain the same as conventional sports books with high odds unlikely and low odds more likely.

Skin Gaming

The trading of skins or game/virtual market place items for real world or game currency is the practice of skins betting at top sports betting sites in New Zealand.

Notoriously popular in CS: Go betting, skin betting systems are used to wager on outcomes if the current tournament in play.

Skins or virtual items increase the market share of the game by attracting more attention to the specific gaming sphere allowing for more immersive and intensified game play.

Final Face Off

The CS: GO 2016 finals took place from 14-15 May 2016, where Luminosity defeated Navi, in an epic best of three showdown session, securing a whopping $500.000 win. Luminosity are strong come back Contenders.