It’s been famously proclaimed that sports betting’s future will be inspired (determined, even) by a mix of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. And while the extent of it all will be determined by time and time alone, many big-market predictors are all in on especially the inspiration bit.

Legalised sports betting has spread quicker than what anyone would have dared believe; let alone predict; as little as two years ago. And now that our wildest big-money expectations have been exceeded, the question of ‘what’s next?’ obviously begs answering. And it’s a perfectly simple answer too, and one that lends itself much more generously toward accurate predictions that duck’s initial ability to take to real water.

The next big step is personalisation and fine-tuning. Which is of course where big data, Silicon Valley genius and Hollywood entertainment come into the picture. And this time round, most likely without all of the skepticism.

Betting On Broadcasting

Hollywood’s role in shaping the future of sports betting, and especially so in the US, is the result of a simple train of thought. Hollywood observes and translates human behaviour into a variety of storylines, after which big industries then take their pick at taking a queue. And so, the cycle continues.

What’s more, thanks to a rapidly evolving betting landscape having led to a wider sort of social acceptance of wagering on sports in general, betting on sports outcomes is fast becoming a third big-revenue stream alongside advertising and subscription-based viewing. And big broadcasters’ want of constantly being on the look-out for exclusivity has now led to a whole new model of approaching big sports partnerships in business. The sports media’s willingness to spend big on exclusive broadcasting rights has led to a scenario particularly friendly to smaller leagues like lacrosse and other smaller divisions. This has been the direct result of an increase in original sports betting content having been created by, specifically broadcasters.


How Small Sport Became Big Money

A great example is the January deal signed between BetMGM and the National Lacrosse League. Lacrosse is minute in comparison with leagues live baseball, football and hockey, and yet, is now considered a viable broadcasting partnership option for everybody involved. And needless to say, lacrosse is no special deal or exception – any league around which can be created original and entertaining sports betting content can potentially become a big-money broadcasting opportunity.

The lines between big-media, sports franchises (big as well as small) and spin-off entertainment industries are not nearly as defined as what they were, say, a decade ago. Sports teams themselves, have embraced everything from fantasy sports betting to buying their own esports teams to going all out on the Vegas experience.

The “You & Me” Experience

And then of course, there’s Silicon Valley, which is an entirely separate deal all on its own. Tech giants have proved themselves experts at making use of AI smart technology in order to streamline the personalised experience aimed no longer at a target market but fine-tuned to the extent of the experience now being aimed directly at the individual.

It’s true: an exciting new sports betting world awaits. Better yet, it waits on you and me.