Held every four years, the Rugby World Cup is a meeting of international Rugby teams in a competition for the William Webb-Ellis Trophy.

This tournament has been held since 1987. 20 teams are in this tournament representing nations from Japan to The Americas.

Only the best Rugby nations are included in the Rugby World Cup. It is a fierce and physical sporting event that is popular amongst sport bettors.

There are ample opportunities for great wagers. Spread bets, single bets, proposition bets and futures can all be placed on this event.

The Teams And The Tournament

20 teams take part in the Rugby World Cup, 12 of those teams are entered automatically based on their performance in the previous tournament. The Cup runs for 6 weeks.

During these six weeks, the teams are divided into 4 groups consisting of 5 teams each. Each group is made of 4 teams that follow each other in the world rankings, with the one additional spot filled by one of the qualifiers.

The teams will move onto the next round based on a points system.

This is quite a unique way for the tournament to be run, for instance compared to the random nature of matchup during the FIFA world cup, but it does make for more tense sports betting actions since generally the teams in each group are quite evenly matched. The 5th qualifier team is usually the wild card in the group.

Why Bet On The Cup Online

Visiting an online bookmaker to makes sports bets on the Rugby World Cup allows you to take advantage of the best possible odds you can get.

Sports Bookmakers online operate independently and they can set their own odds and offer them to their players.

The Rugby World Cup features many chances for interesting wagering, but most brick and mortar bookmakers will keep the wagering pretty straightforward.

Online, you will find a staggering range of proposition wagers that can cover many diverse subjects like the amounts of injuries a team will sustain or how many penalties a player will receive. The options are nearly endless, only limited by the online bookmaker’s imagination. Throughout the rest of the season you’ll find odds at most popular sportsbooks.

General Wagers For The World Cup

Just as with the odds on offer, the standard wager selection a site offers on the Rugby World Cup can vary greatly. Spread bets are great wagers to place on the group stages.

These bets are usually based on whether the outcomes will be above or below a certain value. Since the teams in each group are often quite easily matched, spread bets can be a great way to earn some great wins.

If you want to keep your https://bettingonline.net.nz/sports-betting/rugby-betting/ simple during the Rugby World Cup, single bets are the way to go. You can place bets on single teams winning their respective matches or specific players achieving certain awards at the end of the Cup.

You will see a set of fixed odds displayed to each matchup during the group stages. As you approach the finals, betting becomes tighter as bettor and bettor teams fight for the Webb-Ellis Trophy.