The land based casinos of today have to compete quite heavily with the online casino market. This is because both offer a unique way to play quality casino games, with their own perks and advantages of doing so. The bonus of online casinos is that they have the added benefit of being able to reach a wider audience and all straight to their computers or mobile devices.

Whereas what the land based casinos offer and have always done so, is the exhilarating gaming atmosphere a casino offers, with the luxuries and amenities this includes. An experience at a land based casino is a full and complete one, usually consisting of a weekend with friends at a hotel as well as the casino gaming. One such land based casino that has definitely seen some ups and downs is the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

History and Description of this Casino Resort

The San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino was birthed from the ashes of a previous hotel and casino called the Puerto Rico-Sheraton Hotel. This former casino name was opened in October of 1963 and grew part of its fame from the olympic sized swimming pool available there. During this time the hotel and casino was most known for the sports events hosted there, and most notable of these was the available boxing. However the one steadfast guarantee of land based casinos is that inevitably they will change and in 1980 this hotel and casino renamed to the Dupont Plaza hotel.

However after only 6 years this name went up in flame alongside most of the hotel itself. Started by disgruntled employees the fire was one of the most devastating to hit the US hotel industry in recorded history and for nearly 10 years after the fire the hotel sat deserted. It was only till 1995 that the hotel was renovated and rebuilt, adopting the new name of San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. This is how this hotel and casino came to be, risen from the ashes like a casino hearted Phoenix.

Today the hotel and casino is doing well, with over 500 luxury rooms available and around 1000 square metres of casino gaming space to exploit. It sits alongside an attractive beachfront and is operated by Marriott International.

Casino Gaming at this Land Based Resort

With the available space of about 1000 metres squared for players to come and play casinos in, it can be expected that the options are quite high. Amongst the available games players will also find some of the usual casino game candidates like slot machines and some of the more classic table games. The slots are always interesting, especially in this day and age, since the online casino market excels at this format of casino gaming in particular. Whilst no casino on land can really hope to compete with the range online, there are still wide ranges on offer at land based casino this encompassing. The table games however thrive in this land based context and can be both fun and lucrative for the players.