It has been hypothesised that we indulge in betting, or gambling for a number of reasons. Given that some 80% of youth 18 – 35 years of age have gambled at some point, these reasons for doing it clearly affect many people. It is suggested that we gamble quite simply because it is impossible for people to ignore, essentially, a need for adrenaline in their lives entwined with the lure of riches, glamour and peer acceptance. The buzz that is achieved from taking a real risk is enhanced by the lure of a low cost and high yield activity. This premise has now been shown to be completely true, since it is the only rationale for the phenomenon of mobile Vegas three card rummy.

The Mobile Platform Has Been Here Awhile

Let’s face it, mobile casino play is no longer a new idea. The entire online world has seen a swing in focus to mobile. Social media, music, shopping and game playing have all become mobile compatible. So too, fortunately, has the mobile casino industry. Both online casinos and their software providers have now been developing and releasing multitudes of mobile games for the last decade or so. The mobile industry itself highly evolved and players fully expect to be able to access and play at a wide range of casinos that offer no deposit casino bonus in Canada with software that is compatible with all mobile devices. Or have an app that is.

The Story Behind Mobile Vegas Three Card Rummy

Delightfully, the story goes that the history of rummy is linked to poker. Poker is the most popular card game of all and has many variations, one of which was Whiskey Poker. This game was adapted slightly and renamed Rum Poker, and eventually rummy. Anyway, in the worldwide swing to mobile platform use, the software scientists realised the value of this short sharp rummy game and adapted it for mobile applications. Mobile Vegas three card rummy just seems to have triggered every classic wagering lure.

Mobile Vegas three card rummy is played relatively quickly. Using a standard deck of cards, the player and dealer are each dealt three cards once they have placed an ante. After seeing their cards, a player may then call, and raise the wager by doubling it, or fold. Straight away the adrenaline is affected as players are inclined to raise, generally. The aim of the game is to score less points than the dealer, which are calculated by adding up the card values. The ace is low and counts as one only. Scoring a triple or double means 0 points for those cards, which is clearly optimal. So too, a suited run of two or three cards are awarded 0 points.

Playing the Card Game

In the game play of mobile Vegas three card rummy the dealer has to score less than 20 points to qualify. If he fails the player wins. If he qualifies the players and the dealer’s hands are compared, with the lowest hand winning. If the player wins, his ante is paid out 1 to 1, and the raised bet according to the pay table. The pay table is structured around the odds of hand rarity, and can therefore secure some really substantial pay-outs.

Therefore, given the huge popularity of this game and the fact that it blatantly tick all the boxes that casino layers are looking for, clearly, the surmised reasons that attract people to these games must be true.