Moonshine online slots is a Microgaming slots game that is set in America’s deep Appalachian region and centres on a hillbilly family who brew their own batch of homemade whiskey. The game features five reels, twenty five pay lines, thirty seven possible winning combinations, a wild symbol and two types of scatters that trigger immediate wins and free spins.

The graphics display a colourful array of delightfully amusing characters and edible items that come alive with hilarious animations when a winning combination is hit. The sound enhances the feeling of the back wood setting with chirruping crickets and other appropriate sound effects.

Moonshine offers an auto play feature which can be found in the menu when clicking on the expert button. This auto play feature sets reels to spin a predetermined number of times.

The Moonshine Online Slot Symbols

This close knit family of moonshiners are displayed on some of the main symbols. Grandma sits on her rocking chair holding a loaded shotgun, she’s the head of the Moonshine family and represents the wild symbol. Grandma serves as a replacement for any of the other symbols, apart from the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol, when she helps create a winning combination. When three or more of the grandma symbols land on any active pay line, the pay out ranges from 5 to 8 000 times the pay line’s bet.

Grandma’s family consists of a pipe smokin’ fella called Rastus, the banjo playin’ Festus, a grouchy Marilyn and their pet pig, the Hog. The hillbilly family offer some of the higher pay outs when they form winning combinations and land on active pay lines. Landing three or more of the hillbilly characters can pay anything from 10 to 500 times the pay line bet, as long as the pay line is active. Apart from the moonshining family, symbols show some of their favourite foods like grits, fried beans, bean stew, green fried tomatoes, a can of sardines and pumpkin pie. These scrumptious symbols pay from 5 to 90 times the pay line bet.

The angry sheriff represents the scatter symbol. He awards coins if he lands three or more times, no matter whether he lands on an active casino pokies online pay line or not. Five of the angry sheriff symbols will pay up to sixty coins.

Moonshine Free Spins Bonus Round

Moonshine has a second scatter symbol that triggers the online slots free spins bonus round in Canadian casinos. This bonus symbol displays a jug of Moonshine whiskey. If three or more of these bonus round symbols appear on any of the five reels, the screen will display the bonus round. A grid with multiple squares will be seen. The squares determine how many free spins will be awarded and at what amount the multiplier is. These squares are clicked on continuously to display the hidden number of free spins until a card that shows the words “Start Free Spins Bonus” is selected. Eighteen free spins are the maximum amount that can be awarded and the highest multiplier will be 4x. During the free spins play the caricatures on the symbols display hilarious imagery of the after effects of drinking their merchandise in various degrees of intoxication. Additional free spins can be re triggered by landing more of the homemade whiskey symbols.