In a time long, long ago, even before Google, slot machines were only played in ‘brick and mortar’ casinos and game arcades. At this time, the number of machines available to play on were far less, and the variety was minimal. The reels on most games were festooned with pictures of fruit, and lining up the cherries, lemons, oranges or grapes on the three reel machines constituted a win.

Players, particularly in the UK, began referring to the slot machines, understandably, as fruit machines. The name stuck, and now, in several parts of the world, casino players use the term fruitmachine interchangeably with slots, or pokies. This has been exacerbated by a return to popularity of fruit symbols on the reels, and a number of slots games with a classic, retro fruit machine design, prompting fresh use of the term. Only now, of course, it would be online fruitmachines.

Popular Slots Play at Casinos

Spinning the reels of slot machines or fruitmachines a casino or gaming hall turned out to be one of the more well-liked gambling activities ever. All land-based casinos have row upon row of these machines, enough literally to create a maze on the casino floors. Fruitmachines were invented more than a century ago in America, and quickly became the most popular gambling game, due evidently to the pure luck aspect to the game and the perception of low cost high yield casino play.

The Move to Online

The online version of the fruitmachine took over smoothly where the land-based games left off and the online slot machine is still overwhelmingly the most widespread casino game online. Naturally, more sophisticated games came to be provided, and 5 reel versions of the games added a level of variety and reel-spinning game play that was helped along with software designers churning out hundreds of new machines. Nevertheless, recent times have seen more actual fruitmachines being designed, and these simple, classic style online fruitmachines are clearly appreciated by a whole new generation of player.

Online fruitmachines, and using the term to describe slots games played on machines decorated once again with the original fruit symbols as opposed to merely a synonym of slot machine, have become a feature at Casino. What is more, is that given the quality of random number generators and the expected and often displayed return to player percentages, it has statistically been shown that these simpler online fruit machines actually provide the player with the greatest possibility of winning at the game.

The Fruitmachine Lure

Obviously the core of the attraction of online fruitmachines is the chance of winning a significantly large jackpot for wagering only small stakes. Progressive jackpots linked to numbers of these machines boosts their popularity by dramatically increasing the jackpot size, and players all know just what size jackpots have been won playing them.

It is therefore a worthwhile exercise to investigate the attraction of online fruitmachines, and realise the pure slots enjoyment that these machines deliver, simple as they may be. The joy of seeing different fruit appear on the reels, the regular wins associated with the machines and the significant improvement in player odds at these games in recent years all conspire to give online fruitmachines a new lease on life.