Dice games are one of the oldest forms of gambling, predating casinos themselves, and of all the dice games, craps is one of the most perennially popular. Part of its appeal is the fun it provides for spectators, not just the player currently shooting the dice. They can bet with or against the shooter, so that even when the shooter craps out, other players can win.

Novices may find it confusing at first, but once they understand the significance of the magic numbers, 7 and 11, and have had the intricacies of “the point” and the various betting options explained to them, they quickly turn into fans. Thanks to the ever-increasing capabilities of smart phones, gambling fans now have plenty of mobile craps sites to choose from, allowing them to relax with a few games of dice whenever they feel like a quick break, from practically anywhere.

Giving You More Options

Want to play purely for fun, without risking any money? Then pick one of the free mobile casinos that offer mobile craps for credits only. More interested in betting and winning for real? You’ll find just as many real-money casino apps and platforms available for mobile. As with any online transaction that will involve your banking details, of course, you should check a site’s security certification before signing up. That said, the online gambling community is viglant and vocal, so it is not diffficult to compare reviews and find the most reputable mobile casinos with the best payout records.

Conversely, the rotten apples are named and shamed speedily, so a little homework makes bad experiences easier to avoid. Craps is also one of those casino games in which players enjoy better odds than they do in most other games, so apart from shopping around to find a mobile craps site that you like, you can also practise different betting strategies to see which ones work out the most profitable. Some online casinos like https://onlineblackjack.co.nz also offer slight variations of craps with different rules, so you can play the version you prefer.

dd to that the many different bets you can place, either hoping that a specific number will come up or betting with or against the shooter, and you’ll find that there are probably more ways to win at mobile craps than in any other game. That’s assuming you place the right bets at the right times, of course, but that’s all up to your experience and skill.

Play Wherever and Whenever You Like

The biggest advantage to mobile craps, apart from the encrypted security and the thrill of winning, is its instant accessibility. As long as your smart phone can connect, you can while away a few minutes with the dice whenever and wherever you feel like it. Stuck on a boring bus ride? Taking a quick recreation break during a busy work day to clear your head? Bored at home on a Sunday afternoon? Whenever the mood takes you, you can amuse yourself with online craps or even New Zealand online blackjack, no matter where you are.