You don’t need a PHD to understand the language of sports gambling! Just keep this page bookmarked and refer to it whenever you run into an unfamiliar word or phrase.

  • Across the Board

A method of betting on a horse to Win, Place, and Show.

  • Against the Spread or ATS

A way to refer to an event’s results that takes the Point Spread into account. Also the act of taking Points rather than betting with the Spread or Laying Points.

  • Bookmaker

A firm that takes wagers on sporting events.

  • Canadian Line

A combination of a Point Spread and a Moneyline in Hockey.

  • Circled Game

An event where the limits have been lowered or the betting options have been restricted, usually because of injuries.

  • Dead Heat

When two or more horses finish in a tie.

  • Double Action

An If Wager that gets processed when the precedent stake cancels, ties, or wins.

  • Edge

The advantage when it comes to betting.

  • Exotic

Any wager other than a Parlay or Straight. Also sometimes referred to as a Prop or a Proposition.

  • Favourite

The team, athlete, or animal expected to win an event. Quoted odds will reflect which choice is favoured.

  • Futures

Stakes placed on events or outcomes that will take place at some point in the future, like betting on the winner of the Super Bowl, AFL Grand Final Bets, Rugby World Cup, or NBA Finals while the games are still going on.

  • Grand Salami

The sum total of all goals scored in every Hockey game to take place in one day. It can be staked to go Over/Under.

  • Hedging

Betting to cover both possible outcomes of an event to cut losses or guarantee a minimum win.

  • Juice

The commission the bookmaker earns.

  • Longshot

The team, athlete, or animal perceived to be the least likely to win.

  • Move the Line

A bettor pays an extra price to get half a point more in their favour on a Point Spread game when they move the line.

  • No Action

A wager that neither wins nor loses.

  • Over/Under

A stake made on whether the total number of goals or points scored by two teams will be over or under a number specified by the bookmaker.

  • Push

When an event ends with no winner or lose as far as wagering is concerned.

  • Runline

Used in Baseball games instead of the Moneyline.

  • Straight Bet

A stake involving a single animal, athlete, or team.

  • Taking the Points

Betting on the underdog and the advantage it’s been given in the Point Spread.

  • Teaser

A wager on at least  two teams where the line on each gets adjusted in favour of the bettor. All selections will need to be right for this bet to win.

  • Underdog

The party perceived to be the one most likely to lose. Also known as the Dog.

  • Value

Getting the best possible odds on a wagering proposition or finding the highest achievable edge.

  • Vigorish

The commission a bookmaker takes on a losing bet, also referred to as Juice or Vig.