Aces and Faces is a variation of Video Poker, and is offered by several different casino software platforms. Like all Video Poker games, players are dealt 5 cards from a deck of 52. These appear on screen, and players can then decide which to keep and which to discard, as they try to create the winning combinations that will get them the biggest payouts. The different versions of the game have different hand rankings, giving rise to different outcomes and strategies. This version is simple to learn and start playing, so it’s a great launch pad for beginners.

Aces and Faces Specifics

Video Poker games do pay out for low-value hands such as 2 Pairs, but the big money is usually reserved for Four of a Kind and other big hands. With Aces and Faces is a Royal Flush is still the biggest-earning hand and can net players up to 4,000 coins, but more lower-value pairs are recognised and rewarded bingo for money. Basically, the game and play style is similar to the original Jacks or Better Video Poker game, but with a more generous payout table than almost any other version. Any hand better than a pair of Jacks will earn a prize, and a hand made up of any combination of Faces and Aces, in any order, pays out too.

Aces and Faces Casino Gambling

Playing Aces and Faces

Like wagering variety choice in many other gambling games at Visa casinos, players can wager varying coin sizes, and can bet between 1 and 5 coins per game. When considering their cards and which to exchange, players should use the listings below. These are ranked from the highest to the lowest, and any cards that make up a hand of 5 not mentioned should be discarded.

  1. Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind
  2. 4 cards towards a Royal Flush
  3. Straight, Flush, Full House
  4. Three of a Kind
  5. 4 cards towards a Straight Flush
  6. 2 pairs
  7. 1 high pair
  8. 3 cards towards a Royal Flush
  9. 4 cards toward a Flush
  10. Unsuited 10, J, Q and K
  11. A low pair
  12. 4 cards to an Outside Straight
  13. 3 cards towards a Straight Flush, but not Ace-Low, with 0 high cards and 0 gaps; 1 gap and 1 or 2 high cards or 2 high cards and 2 gapes.
  14. Unsuited J, Q, K and A
  15. Any 2 suited high cards
  16. 4 cards toward a straight flush, with 1 gap and 3 high cards
  17. Unsuited K, Q and J
  18. 3 cards towards a straight flush with an Ace-Low combination, 2 gaps and 1 high card or q gap and 0 high cards
  19. Suited Jack and 10
  20. 2 unsuited high cards
  21. 1 high card
  22. 3 cards towards a Straight Flush with 2 gaps and 0
  23. If none of these combinations are present, players should discard all 5 cards and replace them

Practice Makes Perfect

The more time players spend on Aces and Faces games, the better they’ll be at making shrewd decisions to create winning combinations. Playing online also means having a huge amount of resources and chatrooms easily available, and strategies and tactics can be tried out immediately. Every game is a chance to improve.