If you’ve played casino games for any length of time online, you’ll have come across the term RNG. This acronym stands for Random Number Generator and it is the mathematical software that is responsible for determining what the next playing card will be, where the ball will land on the Roulette wheel, or what symbols will appear next in an online slot.

RNG software is used in every single online casino game, from Bingo to Baccarat, to classic and progressive jackpot slots, to Keno. The only online casino games that RNG’s are not used in are live dealer games, and this is because the results are determined by a real live dealer turning the cards or spinning the wheel.

A Safer Way To Play

It is often said that online casinos are the safer, fairer way to play, as the games make use of Random Number Generators. This is true, as a casino cannot manipulate the outcome of a game by using trickery or nefarious tactics such as weighing down the Roulette wheel or the dice.

Yes, it is possible that a casino could tamper with the RNG software that it uses in order to bias the house, but as most casinos are licensed and regulated, they’d soon be caught out by an independent testing authority or auditor. One of the key factors that regulators such as the MGA, eCOGRA and iTech Labs look at are whether the RNG software is fair and unbiased, and if there are any signs of manipulation, the casino will fast lose its license and be backlisted.

An Ever-Improving System

While of course there are some sceptics who don’t believe that RNGs are random, you have to consider that there have been huge advancements in software over the years, and RNG’s have greatly benefitted from this. The sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems that govern casino game results today are a far cry from those that were around in the late 1990s. There have been major advancements in recent years and RNGs have been endlessly improved, benefitting both the player and the online casino.

A More Realistic Way to Play

When you play at an online NZ casino sites, you’ll not be able to predict the next turn of the card or roll of the dice, and nor will you know what symbols are about to land next on the slots reels. RNG’s are designed to retain that element of chance, and they actually work better than when you play against a person or a machine in land-based casino as they have made it almost impossible to predict their algorithms. Each result is calculated to be random – as odd as that sounds – and software is far more efficient at doing this as it can work with numbers far faster. This means that every spin of the slots reels or turn of the card has no bearing on the one before, and no impact on what will come after – defining the true meaning of “chance”!