The Martingale is a betting strategy which offers players a straightforward approach when they are at the Baccarat table, whether it is at a land-based casino or one operating online.

Basically, you will be doubling your wager until you win. This means that, when you do strike it lucky, you will eventually recoup all your previous losses. If you start off winning at once, you will keep placing the same low wager. This system is not just used in casino games either and has found many proponents in other fields too.

The theory is that, because you are always multiplying your winning stakes 2X using the Martingale betting strategy, you will always end up a winner. This approach works best at a Baccarat table with high limits or no limits because you will need a big bankroll to keep doubling and it only works when you are playing variations that pay out even money for your bet.

The Advantages of the Martingale

When you are focussed on casino games with a slower tempo, this betting strategy works wonderfully. They can quickly get out of control when things go too quickly, however, so avoid those when you are putting it to use.

Baccarat has the lowest house edge of any table game and the Martingale allows you to take advantage of this fact. It also moves more slowly than most others, allowing you to take your time doubling and lowering your wagers rather than placing the same stake repeatedly because you are feeling pressured by the pace.

The Disadvantages of the Martingale

You will need a sizeable bankroll to get the best use out of this betting strategy esp on betting sites in Australia because it is a game of chance and you never know which way your luck is going to run! It is also an untenable option for very long periods of time unless you have an unlimited store of cash to draw on, and who does?

A work-around for these drawbacks is to keep your starting wager very low and to stick to the rules rigidly. We also recommend that you only employ this method of staking occasionally. Don’t make it the default way you place your bets and if you find you are, then take a break.

It is a good way to take advantage of a lucky streak and should be used as such.

Practising Your New Strategy

Now that you know the basic theory behind this system, you will need to practice it until it becomes second nature. The good news is that online casinos are by far the best way to do this!

You won’t be intimidated by the seeming skill of other players, distracted by the beautiful cocktail waitresses, or tempted by the bells and cymbals crashing as they announce a big win at a nearby slot the way you would at a brick-and-mortar venue!

The internet offers many sites that allow you to play for no money down until you are confident enough to start betting, and you can learn at your own pace until you are playing perfectly.